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Captivate 4 Text to Speech

October 26, 2009

I wrote a review of Captivate 4 up on the Kineo site last month and got quite a big response. A couple of people commented on the fact that I hadn’t mentioned the text to speech functionality 

So, I have created a short little demo. It contains audio…  

Ok so maybe using it to create a scenario is a bit unfair, but you can see the downside of text-to-speech – it’s a bit flat.

Why use it then? Well, a good way of using it is as dummy audio. Allow reviewers to amend the synthesised audio and then you can add a proffessional voice over once the audio has been signed off. 

Mark Fletcher, whose blog you can visit here, gave me some great tips. He said if you are planning to do a voice over, you should take a look at the links below. They enable you to customise exactly how words are pronounced in the audio.

Customising the Text to Speech Dictionary

Using the Text to Speech – User Dictionary Editor