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And another Articulate skin to giveaway!

December 5, 2011

skin_desktop_thumb[1]And let’s the giveaway continue with another, very different but no less attractive skin for you Articulate users.

This time the skin doesn’t have the logo XML driven logo from the previous skin, so it is a lot simpler to use and just as good looking.

Although some people think that desk themed skins are a bit old-fashioned, Paco Garcia Jaen, eLearning developer and Graphic Artist who did the art direction for this skin (thought he can’t remember doing it, it might be someone else’s, but it doesn’t matter…) disagrees with the statement.

Paco says: “Real life desktops are a dynamic space that people customise until they feel comfortable and ‘at home’, so it’s only natural that people like desk themes as they can also feel comfortable. Using every day items, like a cup of coffee, clips or a pen, provides with a familiar environment for the learning to make it more attractive to the learner”.

So there!

Of course without the talent of Rob Hiklin this skin wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Unless another of the developers had created, but the point is that Rob did and he did a great job with the original art direction!

You can download the skin by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it!