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Free Articulate skin

July 4, 2011

Click here to download an image of the skinIt is with great pleasure that I present you, dear reader and Articulate user with this free skin for your enjoyment and pleasure.

This rather bucolic skin has been art directed by Paco Garcia Jaen, and developed by one of our developers, Robert Hicklin.

“The inspiration for the skin came because I wanted to create something different, informal but useable at the same time, and something with the potential to be fun to use too.” – Paco Garcia Jaen

The skin features an illustrated landscape using wooden posts as navigation, menu, transcript and help buttons.

Rob Hicklin – “We decided to add some fun effect with the flying birds on the roll-over states. It was a matter of creating something we haven’t done before and that tells the audience that the skin is interactive, that is not a passive element of the e-learning experience.”

To make it even more flexible, the development team created the skin so the logo is XML driven and customisable by simply changing the image supplied.

How to use the skin

  1. First of all download the Skin Package and double click on it to install it.
  2. Download the logo sample and add your own logo. It is important the size remains unchanged, so don’t resize it. Also remember to keep the file name untouched. If you rename it as anything else, or change it into another format, it will not be seen by the skin.
  3. Download the XML file that drives the image into the skin.Click here to download an image with the folder structure to save your files in
  4. Create your Articulate e-Learning and publish it as normal, making sure you choose the skin as template.
  5. Once you’ve published it, drop the XML file and the logo file in the root folder where you published it.
  6. Enjoy your course with your new skin!