Moodle Database Activity


I’ve been using the Moodle database activity. It’s a great tool and highly flexible.

One of the ways I have used it, is for creating shared learning logs. All students on a course log each time they put something they have learned into practice. You could just use a blog for this, but with the database you can specify the kind of information that you want to capture.  Students can see one another’s logs and you can also allow them to comment or rate the logs.

I’ve also used it to create lists of resources – e.g. useful blogs for e-learning developers. You can see a demonstration of how I did this here.

The only downside is that, by default, when you view entries in the database, it is a bit of a mess. You need to know a bit of HTML to really get the information to display the way you want it to.


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One Response to “Moodle Database Activity”

  1. elinda9 Says:


    I’m interested in your work in elearning and hope that you can offer me some information and feedback.

    My main question has to do with your views and experiences with different blog and forum software that are used for elearner discussions, collaborations, team projects, etc.

    What do you think of WP for such collaborative discourse? Any thoughts? Experience in such applications?

    How about other blogs? What are some of the best examples of blogging software currently available, open source, freeware or commercial in your opinion? And how well do these support participant interactions, collaborations, even if only text messaging asynchronously but as many-to-many??

    What about elearning platforms such as Moodle? Have you had any experience in trying to moderate online discussions using moodle? How does it compare with facilitating discussions using blogs or other discussion software such as firstclass, webct, or other systems used in the UK?

    I am quite interested in your thoughts on this. I personally am disappointed by the limitations for group discourse that I have encountered in WP—it really is a blog and not a forum (which I should have known but I see people trying to use it for many-to-many discussions).

    Perhaps it is that I have not yet learned how to create a variety of discourse spaces in WP, and I am still trying to learn it better. But I wonder how other environments compare.

    I think that your tutorial on db in moodle is intruiging. I wish that smart and talented people like you could get an opportunity to also focus on the heart and soul of elearning: discourse. Learning is at base a process of discourse. We educators need tools to facilitate and advance those processes. We need people like you to help design the environments that can support collaborative, knowledge building discourse.

    Hope that you or others can offer some feedback on (and names of) other blogging or forum software for educational group discussions.


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